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If you have tried upgrading the firmware of your router but failed to update it then there could be many reasons why your router’s firmware upgrading fails. Before jumping to the reasons, it is important to understand what the router’s firmware is and why is it important to upgrade the router firmware.

What the router’s firmware is?

The firmware of the router is primarily the operating system which is particularly designed to run on a specific model of router.  Ideally, the router manufacturer provides firmware updates for the specific router model, via their website or via a tool within the administrative console of the router.

Why is it important to upgrade the router firmware?

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One good reason why it is important to upgrade the router firmware is that the router manufacturer tries to fix a vulnerability that was detected in the previous firmware. The bugs in the previous firmware are corrected.  Firmware updates of the router also enhance the router’s overall performance. If you don’t upgrade the firmware of your router then you won’t be able to take the benefits of any speed boosting upgrades. Therefore, it is highly advised by the router’s manufacturers to upgrade the firmware of routers time to time.  

The firmware upgrade of the router helps to eliminate bugs, makes your router more secure and also add some new features.

Why does your firmware update fail?

There could be many reasons why your router’s firmware failed to update. The issues and their solutions are discussed in the following section.

1. Firmware download error:

While downloading the firmware for your router if it fails in between then this could be because it failed to connect to the server. To solve this issue, check the internet connection environment. If your internet connection is not working then your firmware upgrade will fail.

2. Device connection error:

If the connection with the device failed then the possible reasons are:

  • The device power is turned off.
  • The device is not connected.
  • The device is in use (copying, printing, etc)
  • An error occurred on the device.

Solution: Make sure that your device is not in any of the condition mentioned above and then run the update again.

3. Update timeout:

The reasons for the operation timeout during firmware update are.

  • Device power is turned off.
  • A Device is disconnected.
  • A communication error occurred.

Solution:  Make sure that your device is not in any of the condition mentioned above and then run the update again.

4. The administrator password authentication error:

Cause: The administrator password entered is wrong.

Solution: Confirm the administrator password.

Note:  During the firmware upgrade, make sure that your router does not lose power. The firmware upgrade won’t take long but it shouldn’t be interrupted. Disconnect all devices from the router to be extra safe.

If the router firmware upgrading fails, it may be caused by the above-given issues. You can check the solutions as well given with the causes. In case, your router firmware still fails to upgrade then call us on our toll-free number, our technical experts will resolve your issue.

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